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Lojix provide consulting & auditing services to the transport & logistics industry & organisations who play a part in the Chain of Responsibility (CoR)
Owner of Lojix, Jim Murray has more than 20 years of management & operational experience in road, rail & sea logistics across agriculture, mining, industrial, general freight, retail & import /export sectors.
Jim is an Exemplar Global accredited auditor and approved & registered with the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) to conduct NHVAS compliance audits.
We cover all states & terrorities and operate from locations in Parkes, Central West NSW & Sydney



Jim Murray is an independent, registered and approved auditor with the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator and is able to conduct NHVAS entry & scheduled compliance audits in Mass, Maintenance & Fatigue modules.                        

Heavy vehicle operators who are interested in entering the scheme can be provided guidance and help to set up their systems ensuring they meet the requirements of the regulator.


  • Scheme entry system set up & training

  • Internal & system review audits

  • System reviews & improvement advice

  • Pre-audit reviews

  • Conduct a gap analysis of operation to identify level of compliance to National Heavy Vehicle Law (NHVL) & Chain of Responsibility obligations





Are your transport activities complying with the legal requirements of the Chain of Responsibility?

What you need to know!

Chain of Responsibility laws form part of the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) and are regulated by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR).

On the 1st of October 2018, the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) was amended to provide that every party in the heavy vehicle supply chain has a duty to ensure the safety of their transport activities relating to vehicles weighing 4.5t and above.

In practice, this means all parties in the supply chain must ensure the terms of a consignment or employment agreement / contract will not result in, encourage, reward or be an incentive to break any road transport law.

A business, organisation, or individual does not need to own or directly organise the vehicle to be recognised as a responsible party in the Chain of Responsibility.

How many roles apply to your business or organisation and where does your role fit in with the Chain of Responsibility?

Employer - A person who employs a driver of a heavy vehicle.

Consignee—The named receiver of goods after their completion of road transport.

Prime Contractor - A person responsible for engaging a driver of a heavy vehicle by contract.

Packer—A person engaged in the process of packaging goods for a heavy vehicle load.

Operator - A person responsible for controlling or directing the use of a heavy vehicle.

Loading Manager—A person who supervises loading or unloading or manages the premises where this occurs.

Scheduler - A person who plans the transport of goods or schedules the work and rest times of a driver.

Loader and Unloader—A person engaged in the process of loading or unloading a heavy vehicle.

Consignor—The named sender of goods by road transport.

Driver—The driver will no longer bear sole responsibility for any legislative breaches.

The key areas targeted by COR are:



Fatigue Management

Load Restraint

Vehicle Standards


Each party must be able to demonstrate that they have considered the risks associated with these areas and have taken the necessary steps to identify and control them.

The legislation allows regulators to investigate and prosecute all parties along the entire supply chain.    Penalties and fines have been changed in line with the new primary duty. These include a maximum five years imprisonment, a $300,000 fine for individuals or a $3 million fine for corporations.

Category 3

Breeches of safety duty

$50,000 Individual

$500,000 Corporation

Category 2

Risk of death / injury

$150,000 Individual

$1.5 million Corporation

Category 1


5 years imprisonment

$300,000 Individual

$3 million Corporation

How can you comply with your Chain of Responsibility Obligations?

As a party in the supply chain, the best way to do this is to have safety management systems and controls in place, such as business practices, policies & procedures, training and review processes that:

· identify, assess, evaluate, and control risk,

· manage compliance with speed, fatigue, mass, dimension, loading and vehicle standards

requirements through identified best practice

· ensure that parties engaged by your business or organisation such as subcontractors,

are also compliant and monitoring of their level of compliance is in place 

How we can help:

  • We can conduct an independent gap analysis of your business operation, identify where you are and are not complying with the current National Heavy Vehicle Law (NHVL).

  • We will provide you with a comprehensive report outlining our findings as well as recommendations on how you can meet your Chain of Responsibility obligations.

  • We are also able to conduct audits of subcontractors currently engaged by your business or as part of a  pre-engagement assessment, identifying areas of exposure and ensure due diligence has been carried out on their level of compliance.

Our recommendations & solutions will be practical, cost effective and tailored to suit the size of your operation and the level of your transport activities.

Where non conformances have been identified with subcontractors or third party suppliers, we can work directly & independently with those parties to rectify the issues and then provide our client with confirmation that the corrective actions have been completed & closed out effectively.



Lojix work closely with our clients to provide safe, practical and cost effective solutions to their supply chain requirements.

Our experience across all transport modes including domestic & port rail services, will ensure that we find the best model for your transport task 



  • Review of current transport operations - cost, utilisation and performance

  • Import / Export - Transport solutions from port to receiver including regional, remote & mine locations.

  • Rail - extensive experience in intra / inter state rail and direct port rail services

               - Planning, costing and implementation of regional rail services     

               - Rail terminal management

  •  Project work


Parkes & Regional NSW

The 1,700 km Inland Rail project is finally underway, with construction commencing on the Parkes to Narromine section, which is the first of 13 projects that will complete the route from Melbourne to Brisbane.
Pacific National have also commenced the construction of their new rail terminal at Parkes, which is a significant development for Pacific National and will allow them to hub containers in Parkes and independently double stack containers on the East-West corridor between Parkes & Perth on a larger scale than is currently possible.
Regional NSW & Parkes in particular, due to it's unique location at the junction of the Newell Highway, the East-West rail line and the Melbourne to Brisbane inland route are poised to take advantage of this $9 Billion infrastructure project


The inland rail route will compliment the existing regional rail & road networks and provide synergies for established operators, independent rail terminals and sidings.
The opportunities & viability for businesses to link with interstate & port rail services will become more evident as the project progresses.
As a Parkes based business, Lojix are able to provide informative and practical advice on how your particular business may benefit from inland rail.


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